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Things to do

The Guadeloupe islands are multiple by nature: each island of the archipelago has its own identity : its successive and different waves of migration have resulted in a delicious mix of flavors and sounds. Thrill seekers, picky foodie, nature lovers or incurable procrastinators … Each and every one get its share.

Outdoor excursions
You will find many hikes and the paths are well indicated and maintained. The ascent of the Soufrière volcano, the highest point in the Lesser Antilles, is of course unmissable. Regarding rivers, the island of Basse-Terre and its tropical forest offer an disproportional number of choices, including the mythical Carbet waterfalls. It is also from there that we take the departure to see the cetaceans in the open sea.


But Bass-Terre does not have the monopoly of hiking explorations. In Port-Louis for example, a magnificent hike allow you to see the blowers in the north of Grande-Terre. And why not challenge yourself with the ascent of the Chameau in Terre-de-Haut, the summit of Les Saintes archipelago?


When it comes to beautiful beaches, there is a huge choice. Malendure is the perfect diving spot. It is also a great place for snorkeling : you can come across colorful fish and sea turtles. Surfing enthusiasts will seek out the waves at Helleux beach in Sainte-Anne, among other places. For paddleboarding or glass-bottom kayaking, or water sports in general, Les Saintes is a great choice.


In addition to the 5 islands of the archipelago, many islets can be discovered in boat trips. The must: walk in the mangrove between the roots of the Grand Cul de Sac Marin mangroves.

A rich history and a mixed culture
Colonization, slavery, colonization… Guadeloupe has a terrible and fascinating history, a story of resilience and struggle for human dignity. The Memorial Acte museum is worth a visit: it is controversial but you should make your own critical opinion on it. Many remains testify to a fairly ancient history, including various forts : Fort Delgrès, Fort Fleur d’Epée and Fort Napoleon, and even a castle at Habitation Murat!


Foodies will be soooo busy decovering all those exceptional local products: Vanibel coffee, cocoa or vanilla. And you’d better be prepared because the traditional dishes are plentiful and generous, from the “bokit”, king of street food, to slow-cooked meals such as “bébélé”. As for rums… Experience it at Marie-Galante, which alone houses 3 distilleries.


Guadeloupean culture is also expressed to our eyes, thanks to particularities such as the Ali Tur architecture, and to our ears thanks to the sounds of Ka, biguine and zouk.


And let’s not even talk about the carnival atmosphere in the streets of Pointe-à-Pitre and the Toussaint celebration in the Morne-À-L’eau cemetery!

What about kid-friendly activities?
Some parks are very suitable for walks with children, including the Botanical Garden of Deshaies or the Désert Garden in La Désirade. There is no shortage of beaches, but some are also more suitable for toddlers, such as “Anse à la gourde” in Saint-François and Roseau Beach in Capesterre-Belle-Eau. Ditto for the waterfalls: the crayfish waterfall in Petit-Bourg has a very accessible path. Some classics like the Zoo and the Gosier aquarium are always a good idea. But a cruise on a glass bottom boat will make an unforgettable memory.


Come and discover the best activities in Guadeloupe ;)